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Access to a unique UHNWI community

Discover the future of targeting a select community of families and their family offices with our brand-new, non-public UHNWI Marketplace. As the first platform of its kind, it offers an exclusive opportunity to connect directly with the right decision-makers. Sell your exceptional offers to a selected target group and place requests to find the right family in the community. From now on you can find like-minded people, sellers, and buyers as well as capital partners by placing advertisements with us.

As a member of our community, you benefit from a unique target group of direct decision-makers. You can also present your investment opportunities as an external interested party (subject to prior review and approval by Skyland Wealth). Expect discreet contact options and personal support with image and text design. We don't offer you brands or sponsors, but real, direct approaches within the UHNWI scene. With us, you save time and money on acquisition and benefit from cross-selling options and potential connections for life. Every week, our community grows worldwide and generates new demand.

Present all asset classes, from classic car collections, private jets or superyachts to film investments or look for capital partners for the next venture capital round. Discover the benefits of our platform with no further commission obligations (unless agreed separately for personal research and intros). We give you access to a target group that is likely to be interested in your opportunities that are not available to others.

Your advantages

Skyland Marketplace
Nothing is impossible
In addition to classic luxury goods such as vintage cars, private jets and yachts, you can find a buyer for your unconventional assets, such as a unique vinyl or watch collection, a horse stud, or a winery.


Is the most important asset in the UHNWI and family office scene. We create a place where you can keep to yourself and share your topic with others.

Addressing buyers directly

No loss through intermediaries such as brokers, agents, lawyers, tax advisors, asset managers etc. - we connect you directly with the buyer and/or their family office if you are interested. By families, for families.

Highest purchasing power

UHNWI have the most purchasing power and are willing to spend more on luxury products. They are often the only relevant group of buyers.

Anonymized advertisement

Use the opportunity to show confidential offers on Skyland Family Marketplace to target specific customers.

Huge cross-selling potential

If further business arises after the advertising business or beyond, you will benefit from this.

New private marketplace

Skyland Marketplace creates a unique environment for you to find buyers and partners.

Major savings

Compared to well-known auction houses, you save enormous brokerage costs if you are successful.

Search for capital partners

Engage with the community if you are looking for the right partner for your next venture capital round, film project, M&A and private equity project, hydrogen or biogas investment, or your big vision as an entrepreneur

External providers

You have the chance to present your innovative and potentially high-value business opportunities to our community and win them over as buyers or capital partners.

Fast, convenient and personal

Place your ad within minutes. We will then assist you with the personal fine-tuning and live placement.

Vorgeprüfte Auswahl

Each offer is personally pre-screened by our team for its relevance to the community. This ensures that your ads match the demand.

Impact Investments

Showcase your project or investment to find fellow campaigners for you cause and achieve a real and tangible impact.

How does the ad placement work?

  1. You have the option of sending us the information for your advertisement directly via an online questionnaire.

  2. As soon as we have received all the relevant details, we will send you a final advertisement proposal for correction or approval within 48 hours.

  3. Contact options in the ad: direct contact from interested parties (All members of the community who find your ad interesting can contact you directly.) or anonymous listing (Your ad will be assigned a unique number, and you will be contacted by us if there is interest)

  4. Final approval and booking period: You will receive the finalized advertisement for approval. This is done informally by you in writing by e-mail. You choose the duration of the advertisement between 1 and 6 months. With your confirmation of approval, you will receive our advertising invoice with a request for short-term settlement. Your advertisement will be activated on the same day or the day after settlement, depending on receipt of payment. You will receive a preview of your advertisement by e-mail.

  5. Your ad will be displayed in the member area and will be visible to everyone who logs in. To ensure optimal coverage, all members will receive an e-mail notification about the new listing.

  6. After the time you have booked has expired, your ad will be automatically deactivated. If you wish to extend your ad, please let us know at least 7 days before it expires.

Pricing for members

*All prices are shown without VAT

Pricing for external parties

*All prices are shown without VAT

For volumes of more than € 100 million, please contact us for an individual quote.

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