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We are an exclusive and select community of UHNWIs from diverse industries and disciplines, united by our common interest in outstanding investment opportunities. Our network consists of influential entrepreneurs, noble families, game-changers, visionary thinkers and leading experts. Together, we form a unique hub of knowledge and networking within the global UHNWI scene.

What makes us unique is our ability to open doors to exclusive families and sources of capital that are often hidden from others. We're not about mere theory - we're actively involved in networking, investing, doing business, and realizing great ambitions. This is where extraordinary success, innovative momentum, and trusting relationships make a real difference. Welcome to a community that offers opportunities you won't find elsewhere.

Our Platform

Our exclusive platform gives us the ability to access and quickly evaluate promising investment opportunities in real time. The use of cutting-edge technologies and data analytics enables us to identify business opportunities early and make informed decisions.

To realize the full potential of each investment, we encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking among our members. As part of our exclusive community, you will have the opportunity to invest and trade directly with your peers. Through our carefully curated events, workshops and conferences, you will gain access to information unknown to others. Our focus is on wealth owners and their families.


We firmly believe that nearly unlimited capital opens the door to countless opportunities to shape a more positive world. People with significant wealth have a unique opportunity to make great things happen, if they so choose. When hundreds or thousands of wealthy individuals join forces, they can bring business visions to life, create housing for those in need, conduct research and cure disease, and elevate our society to a new level - shaping the future.


Our vision is to create a place where we can make virtually anything happen in the shortest possible time. We are determined to harness and unite the power and potential of the high-net-worth to sustainably improve our society and help all those who lack resources, knowledge, networks and financial means, while providing unique opportunities to our members.


In our exclusive community for high-net-worth (UHNWI) families, you can expect not only privileges, but also unparalleled opportunities. Here, it's not just about investment opportunities, it's about talking together about forward-thinking issues and exploring unique investment options - opportunities that are hard to find elsewhere. Our community is a place of deep exchange where you can network and invest with like-minded people at the top level.

We are highly connected locally and internationally, giving you a global perspective on business opportunities. In our select group of over 400 UHNWI members, you can benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience. Here, we share not only our successes and interests, but also our visions for a better future. Together, we have the power to overcome challenges and develop innovative solutions.

Join our community and discover how you can benefit from the unique blend of local expertise and global networking. Here you will not only find capital partners and like-minded people, but also a trusting environment where you can safely discuss discreet topics.

Welcome to a community that turns your ambitions into reality.

Our community of members includes:

Wealth Owners

You are a principal, asset owner, member of a family business, entrepreneur, private individual, shareholder, managing partner, entrepreneur, serial founder, heir, nextgen, investor, etc. and qualify as a so-called UHNWI*.

Family Officers/ Family Officers & Shareholders

You are a confidant, right-hand man, managing director, board member, authorized signatory, head of transactions, head of real estate, multi family office, asset manager etc. and hold a management and leadership position.


Founders, founder board members or representative bodies, especially foundation board members, the management as well as beneficiaries of large* non-profit or private foundations** can sign up.
*Ultra-high-net-worth individual , with total assets of approximately € 50 million, the allocation of your assets is not decisive for our network.

**For the total assets of the foundations, the analogous requirements of the UHNWI apply.


Active Members


Wealth Owners

€6+ bn.

Potential Investment Volume

€100+ bn.

Joined Wealth


Billionaire Families


total properties owned

"We offer tailored solutions for high-net-worth individuals: Professional expertise, comprehensive asset relief and exclusive investment opportunities. Our focus is on capital, deal access and connected community."

Viktoria Pieper


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We create opportunities for the right people to meet, build trust, invest together and change the world of tomorrow.

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Each quarter we publish an exclusive issue of the "Skyland Family Letter" available only to our members. If you are not a member, you can subscribe:

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