Purchase profile of our families

Our exclusive member community of over 400 high net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) and their single family offices is always on the lookout for interesting opportunities and upcoming sales.

We are fast, discreet and, in certain cases, can finance investments from our own capital.

We act for the buyer and seller families with at the level of an advisory family office and help you find the right investor for your property or capital request in our community.

As a member, you can act as a buyer, a seller or, if you wish, together in a joint venture or club deal structure.

We validate every transaction before it is posted on the platform, ensuring that you only see properties that are deliverable, in many cases off-market and sometimes even exclusively available on the Skyland Family network.

Especially in demand in the community

Different paths lead to good investments. Based on our experience, we are particularly interested in classic real estate, opportunities, exclusive investment properties, luxury and international real estate.

We are also interested in all mixed forms, such as capital provision and investment options. You can find out more details below.

Please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

Classic real estate

Standard properties of all asset classes

  • Construction status: Existing or development

  • Renting: up to ca. 10% vacancy ratio

  • Macro location: All

  • Micro location: All

  • Factor: Maximum 27-fold (according to individual assessment, depending on property + location)

  • Volume: starting at €5 Mil.

Important note: For classic real estate, a fair price assessment is of utmost importance


Real estate and investment options where urgency and equity are essential

  • Asset classes: All

  • Construction status: Existing properties with optimization potential as well as development properties (plots, redevelopment properties, etc.) of all kinds, with and without building rights

  • Renting: All

  • Macro locations: All

  • Micro locations: All

  • Factor: Maximum 18-fold (according to an individual assessment depending on property + location)

  • Volume: starting at €5 Mil.

Exklusive Investments

The best properties in prime locations

  • Construction status: Existing or development

  • Renting: All

  • Macro locations: Top 7 and some selected locations

  • Micro locations: High-Street, e.g. Viktualienmarkt Munich, Unter den Linden Berlin and similar locations

  • Factor: Individual evaluation

  • Volume: starting at €10 Mil.

Exklusive High-Class private real estate

The most luxurious private real estate


  • Asset class: Private real estate (residential)

  • Construction status: Portfolio or development

  • Macro locations: St. Moritz, Kitzbühel, Mallorca, Ibiza, Côte d’Azur, Sylt, Tegernsee and other similar locations

  • Micro locations: All

  • Volume: starting at €5 Mil.

International real estate

Exclusive deals in the top cities worldwide

  • Asset classes: All

  • Construction status: Portfolio with and without development potential

  • Macro location: worldwide, e.g. New York, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Zürich, or London

  • Micro location: Top locations + A-locations

  • Volume: starting at €50 Mil.

Skyland wealth
Sales process
When it comes to selling luxury real estate and other high-profile assets, we offer a unique approach and outstanding benefits.

Listing fee (per property): €2,500 net

Performance-related commission: 1-5 % net

Term: 3 months

Access to the UHNWI community

As a hand-picked community of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs), renowned family offices, entrepreneurs and leading experts from various industries, we stand out from the crowd. We use our collective expertise to help your investment reach its full potential and achieve exceptional results. With our focus on knowledge sharing and collaboration, we have created a supportive ecosystem for asset sales that brings unique benefits to our members. With our strong presence and recognized reputation in the UHNWI and Family Office community, we build trust and provide exceptional opportunities for our members.

Discretion as a priority

In the world of UHNWIs, discretion is not a luxury, but a necessity. At Skyland Family, discretion is not a by-product, but at the heart of our philosophy and actions. We protect your privacy and strive for maximum confidentiality in every transaction, while ensuring an efficient and transparent sales process for your assets. We achieve this through our unique technology and personalized approach.

Access to the digital platform

Our innovative digital platform enables a fast and efficient sales process. By combining technological innovation and human expertise, we achieve a speed of decision-making that is unparalleled in the industry. This means that we can maximize the time it takes to sell your assets by reaching the right buyers faster and more efficiently. At the same time, a personal and trusting exchange always plays a central role. This hybrid approach and agility is unique in the global UHNWI and family office scene.

How does our process work?

Detailed market and price evaluation
Sales Story
Targeted approach to the UHNWI community online and in person
Personal introduction / meeting
Transaction closing

What you get:

  • Individual written assessment: In-depth analysis of challenges and opportunities to determine a realistic purchase price;

  • Digital, non-public investment memorandum: Professional approach through both digital and personal contacts within our unique community;

  • Data room setup through our own system: offers the buyer time savings and transparent communication in the decision-making process;

  • Direct networking with interested families: personal connections facilitate the closing of the sale;

  • Support for 3 months: Continuous support and adjustment of the sales strategy;

  • Evaluation meeting and further steps: Transparent communication to optimize success.

* We cannot guarantee the success of every real estate transaction, as results may depend on individual circumstances and market conditions.

If you are a seller, property developer, project developer or architect and would like to sell a property discreetly or are looking for an investor: Please contact us, we might be interested and can offer investment from equity while assuring complete discretion.

Please send us relevant documents, such as the exact location, size, revenue or project status, asset class, purchase price expectations and ownership structure, or contact us directly.

Viktoria Pieper

Transaction Manager and Authorised Signatory

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